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Social Media Consultant

I build social media strategies & grow communities!

I am a social media consultant passionate about the colorful world around us and the sustainable relationships we build, both online and off. I believe that every brand should have a voice that makes them unique and relatable. I work hard to bring this belief to every project I put my heart into. Below you will find speaking engagements I’ve done, resources I’ve created, awards I’ve won, and previous experience with creating successful social media communities.

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Speaking Engagements

Topic: Twitter Branding Strategies
BlogPaws Social Media Conference
Salt Lake City, UT (June 2012)

Topic: Social Media Strategies
Connections 2011 Conference
Austin, TX (December 2011)

Topic: WordPress Design Workshop
BlogPaws Social Media Conference
Washington, DC (August 2011)

Topic: eNewsletter Marketing
Affiniscape Partners Conference
Austin, TX (December 2010)

Topic: Adv. WordPress Techniques
BlogPaws Social Media Conference
Denver, CO (September 2010)


Social Media Award Nominee
Statesman Social Media Awards
Austin, TX (February 2012)

DogTime Blog Awards Winner
“Best Cause-Related Blog”
Denver, CO (August 2010)

DogTime Blog Awards Nominee
“Best Animal Blog Post”
Washington, D.C. (August 2011)


Social Media & Nonprofits
The Association Social Media Show
Put on by AssociCom

Social Media Basics
Connections 2011 Conference
Put on by Affiniscape

Social Media Strategies
A free downloadable ebook
Sponsored by Affiniscape

Testimonials & Praise

“Nikki Jeske is a social media wizard! She put Affiniscape on the social media map and engaged followers and thought leaders in meaningful conversation. Nikki educated many, including myself, on the value of social media and turned us into believers. She is passionate about all that she does and is eager to help others. It was my pleasure to work with Nikki and I definitely recommend her for any positions looking for a social media expert.” – Ginger Meyners

“There are a lot of people who say they’re social media gurus but don’t actually back it up with a lot of experience and/or knowledge. Nikki has it in spades. I love her energy, her creativity, her passion, her graciousness, and her ability to raise the stakes for what an individual or a business can do in this ever evolving landscape.” – Sam Baber

“Nikki’s work at Affiniscape has allowed us to bridge the gap between our service and our customers; without this connectivity, we would not be as successful at providing turnkey solutions to our partners. Her work is integral and vital to our company’s advancement.” – Teryl Henderson

“Nikki’s love of animals is only rivaled by her passion for social media. She is absolute a mentor, an advocate, and a driving force in her pursuit of promoting the power of social media. Whether she’s promoting thought leadership in a business setting, finding homes for deserving rescue animals, or keeping friends and family around the world updated on her own menagerie of pets, Nikki uses social media to its fullest potential every day.” – Amy Billingsley

“Nikki is super savvy about how she uses tools like Twitter to further the causes she’s passionate about. She’s a great mentor for others looking to utilize these methods of connection to a greater community.” – Matthew Eng

“Nikki has shown herself to not only be a strong and sincere supporter of animal rights, she is also one of the most talented social media professionals I know. We met at a pet conference and I soon became one of her biggest supporters. We are honored to have her speak at BlogPaws on a regular basis.” – Yvonne DiVita

“Nikki’s contributions to Affiniscape have been invaluable. Her knowledge and expertise in the world of social media has advanced Affiniscape’s ability to provide more information to our partners. She is passionate about her work and goes above and beyond to help those in need.” Nick Runco

“Nikki’s drive and passion for helping others is absolutely outstanding. She is proof that social media can reach millions and I truly admire her. She truly is a delight and her vision for web design, helping animals and social media are inspiring.” – Katie Cullen

“Nikki manages all of our social media initiatives. She has been a tremendous asset in helping us better understand the world of social media, has worked with many of our less “tech-savvy” customers establish their social media identities, and has led several social media “brown-bag lunches” for our industry groups. She is truly a social media rock star!” – Kevin Bury

“Nikki has a natural aptitude for delivering thoughtful, engaging and relevant ideas within the domain of social media. She has quickly become an expert in creating a vibrant community of professionals committed to furthering the causes of associations.” – Todd Pendleton

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