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Rare Plane Detective

Role: Designer, Illustrator

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
Website: not live

Rare Plane Detective actually came to me saying, at first, that they really liked their own design and maybe could we just clean it up a bit. They had a vintage, retro feel and wanted to stay true to that. So for the first pass, I went with something that was a bit more 50s inspired, retro with illustrations of older planes. I made the design lighter and added more graphical elements including creating a custom cloud background that would repeat vertically down the page. They liked it, but felt that it was missing something – something that would make them stand out. After discussing more of the styles of the time period they wanted, I started researching poster designs from World’s Fair eras – with these, I reinvented the design. Making it darker, more expressive, using styles and graphics more similar to designs of 60s. It was a hit!

rare plane detective

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