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Kingsland Pet Supplies

Role: Designer.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
Website: not live

I didn’t have a lot of inspiration to go on for the Kingsland Pet Supplies redesign except for one thing: ILLUSTRATIONS! They really wanted something that was fun, exciting, full of movement and bright colors AND they wanted a brand new logo to go with it. So I started with the logo, introducing new color schemes and fonts and design styles until we settled on to base the rest of the branding on. He loved how the font styles resembled leashes and with that in mind, I decided to incorporate leashes into the design – literally. The rest of the design was a bit rustic with it’s wood paneling and paper textures – these elements gave the design a sort of physical storefront feel to it, which is exactly what the client was hoping for.

kingsland pet supplies

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