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I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of people in my career on a variety of projects from designing conference logos to painting giant wall murals for businesses to branding an entire nonprofit organization and everything in between. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have to say about working with me.

Positive Feedback & Testimonials

“I’ve commissioned Nikki three times now. Nikki is very professional. She’s open to feedback about the direction a piece is going and her work is consistently high quality. Due to all of this, I find that the commission prices she has set are well worth it. I adore her work and working with her, and you will, too.” – Crystal Kuu

“Nikki did an amazing job on this commission I had done as a Christmas gift for my in-laws. They absolutely loved it and have it hanging in their home. Each dog was very detailed and looked identical to what the dogs look like in person. – So life like. I will be using Nikki in the future and I highly recommend her!! She was even patient with me and understanding when I needed to add one more dog in last minute (they adopted a 3rd dog shortly after the commission was already completed lol) Thank you for sharing your talent Nikki!!” – Brooklyn Lahrman

“I may be a bit biased, but I can say with all earnestness that Nikki Jeske is a wonderful artist, who puts care, attention, love, and skill into all of her works. She pushes herself hard, and does everything she can to make sure that each and every one of her clients is entirely satisfied.” – Jake Morrison

“I had the pleasure of working with Nikki as a designer. She was always willing to go above and beyond to help create a great experience for our clients and all her coworkers. Happy to recommend her to anyone!” – Mari Chamoun

“Nikki has a winning combination of professionalism, a cheerful attitude, and an incredible passion for the things that matter to her. She approaches everything with a “How can I take this to the next level?” viewpoint, and it’s inspiring to witness. Her design work is clean, playful, and innovative. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work with Nikki, and I hope that we can work together again soon!” – Dez Beberniss

“I was fortunate to work with Nikki for three years. Most of my projects required a designer and I was always happy to know she was assigned to any of them. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable, and I always knew my projects were in good hands with her. Nikki is a reliable resource who always meets deadlines and works independently. It has been great working with Nikki and I wish her the best in her career!” – Laura Cortes

“I was a design project coordinator for numerous web design projects with Nikki. She is a wonderful web designer and illustrator, as evidenced by both her client work and personal work (blogs, web comics, etc.). One of Nikki’s greatest talents was listening to our web design clients and interpreting their needs, based on feedback that was often vague and ambivalent. She understood that “the devil is in the details,” and her designs always included depth and subtle embellishments that elevated the aesthetic. Nikki is also a pleasure to work with, incredibly kind-hearted and passionate, and was well-liked by clients we had together. I’d be happy to work with Nikki again, and would recommend her skills to anyone looking for a designer who can give a personal experience and professional results.” – Maren Jepsen

“Nikki joined SCARE for a CURE in 2013 at a time when we needed serious help with our marketing and branding strategies. As a non-profit and 100% volunteer organization, we’re lucky for the skills Nikki brings to our organization which is graphic design, web development, social media, community management and branding experience. Nikki jumped in and helped us create print material and social media content for our premier event in 2013. This year, Nikki will be responsible for our social media and community management strategies and support our website team. Outside of the marketing and social media tasks, Nikki is always onsite logging countless volunteer hours helping with art projects and set design. Her talent keeps going and going! We are lucky to have her as part of our SCARE for a CURE Management team.” – Norma Chapa

“Nikki is a great designer and a pleasure to work with! She gives 110% to all of her clients and really works to understand each clients business and what type of design would help them increase sales. She is always involved in the design community and would be a great addition to anyone’s team!” – Sarah Cottle

“Nikki does excellent design work! She listens to clients’ desires and objectives and produces really unique visually stunning designs. She is also a pleasure to work with – professional, enthusiastic and upbeat. She works hard to get the job done and always has a cheery demeanor. Nikki’s work can best be described as meaningful design. There are a lot of people who have photoshop and call themselves designers because they can just churn out blas√© work that meets deliverables but Nikki’s designs show true passion and skill. I would definitely recommend Nikki’s work to friends and clients!” – Kate Pierce

“Nikki is so creative and talented as a web designer and illustrator. I truly enjoyed working with her. She has a fun personality and is passionate about all things beautiful. I highly recommend her for any web projects you may have.” – Stephanie Denny

“Nikki is an outstanding team member and just plain fun to be around. She has a truly sincere passion for what she does and the people she works with. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is a wonderful designer and can be expected to go above and beyond for each project she works on. She was our companies social media guru and I look forward to working with her again some day.” – Katie Cullen

“I’ve had the opportunity to both manage and work with Nikki at Affiniscape. And in my dealings with her, she was thorough, concise and could take and idea and run with it. She is overflowing with talent and has a special gift for identifying the client’s needs and delivering exactly what they want. She’s a fast learner and is always willing to do and learn more. I would work with Nikki again in a heart beat!” – Matthew Cunningham

“Nikki is simply amazing. She is smart, engaged, caring and one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. Add her incredible design skills to the mix and you’ve got someone you’ll be proud to call your favorite web designer and, if you’re lucky, a friend as well. Hire Nikki and you’ll be so glad you did.” – Laura Posey

“I’ve known Nikki for a couple of years now and have been so impressed with her passion and commitment to helping animals. I was very excited to learn that she’s also a WordPress expert, a top notch designer and talented illustrator! We invited her to speak on WordPress at our conference in 2010 and have asked her back again for 2011. Our audience members loved her personable and engaging style and genuine desire to teach actionable skills. We’re looking forward to having her back!” – Caroline Golon

“Nikki has a beautifully expressed creativity in her designs. The websites and other materials she creates are always unique and whimsical in feeling. Her work is gorgeous and I recommend her to anyone that needs design and illustration for their business or personal website.” – Nix Kelley

“All I can say about Nikki Jeske is that she is so talented and professional I would recommend her to the biggest company in the world, and the smallest. Nikki’s work is outstanding for its originality and added is her strength of paying attention to detail. She’s head and shoulders above most other designers I know. I’m impressed by Nikki’s knowledge of the powerhouse blog platform, WordPress, not just by what I’ve seen and experienced. But, also by the comments heard from the bloggers who took her WordPress session at BlogPaws. All have clamored to have her return. And so, she is. You get 120% with Nikki – I not only recommend her… I welcome working with her again. And again. And again.” – Yvonne DiVita

“Nikki is an amazing designer, illustrator and web professional. I recommend her if you’re seeking a professionally illustrated site.” – Cristina Robinson

“It wouldnt surprise me to hear that Nikki sees the world in illustrated form. One needs to simply look at her work to see that they are in the presence of a master storyteller. Its been my pleasure to work with Nikki over the last couple of years. She’s dedicated, passionate, committed and incredibly skilled. Everything you look for in a creative editor. I count myself privileged to work alongside her and cant recommend her highly enough.” – Joshua Smibert

“Nikki has not only been a stellar co-pilot on Fuel Your Illustration, but she is also an excellent artist and animal activist in her own right. As an illustrator, Nikki’s passion for learning and finding new sources of inspiration are unbound and help to strengthen the wealth of knowledge that we can make available to the artistic community at large. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side other than Nikki on the front lines of FUEL.” – Rondal Scott III

“Nikki took the reins in developing our first ever Northland College alumni e-mail newsletter in cooperation with our alumni director. She did a great job and played an important role in increasing our communications with alumni. Nikki also helped me start our first student giving campaign, which was successful and will continue this year.” – Claudia Broman

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