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Diamond Sharp

Role: Designer.

Tools: Photoshop

When I started working with Diamond Sharp, I knew we would have to do a lot of prioritizing all of the content on their homepage – they had A LOT. One of the first things I did was to start layering the content by making each section its own by visually splitting it up. This made it easier to navigate and much easier to read as you scrolled down. The design itself they wanted to be clean and really enjoyed other sites with a lot of whitespace, so I kept to a very minimal and subtle approach. They wanted their product photos to be the elements that brought in the vibrant color and they didn’t want the design to overwhelm the content. We created a balance by keeping the design simple but having a little fun with the typography throughout the site. Along with the site, I also created the matching design for all the eccomerce pages and designed a easy to use contact form to go with it.

Diamond Sharp

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